Monday, June 10, 2013

Clutch for red

One thing the red rooster has in common with some of the older Hondas, is that they both use a cable type clutch setup.  And just like the honda crowd, when they wanna install the twin cam engine into their chassis, they need to convert to a hydraulic system.  Unless you have the luck of the irish and get your hands on a rare bellhousing that bolts to the 4AG while retaining the old cable setup.  I have no such luck, so hydraulic it shall be.

Fortunate for me, the system was partially installed.  So all i needed to do is find the rest of the parts and plumb the system.

This is where the clutch master mounts, inside the driver side wheel well.  Gives you an idea on the size of the car, Not sure what vehicle the master was sourced, but it provides the option of a remote reservoir mounting.

I wanted cut a big hole right behind the strut mount and have the reservoir fill cap pop out of there, it would have looked pretty good there, but that would just compromise chassis strength since it'll see more driving duties.  As a wise man once told me, it'll work for sho' but not for racing.

So this where I finally mounted the reservoir.  Not too bad, I tried a bit closer, but it just got really crowded with the wires and other lines.  Don't ask me what reservoir this is from, just like the master, it came with the car.

On the Corolla GTS the lines that go to the clutch slave stretch towards the passenger side.  As usually I assume everything was based off the 4AGE setup.  That's until I started to mock it up and realized the mounts for the clutch slave are nowhere to be found.  It seems the owner swapped a bellhousing used for 4AC engine, WTH??  Back to rebending lines to where the clutch slave will be mounting which will be on the driver side of the car.

On the Corolla SR5, clutch hard line mounts to the driver side chassis frame rail.  But since were dealing with a little car, the header is much closer to the rail were probably looking at maybe a 1/2 to 3/4 of an inch of space between the header and the frame rail.  When the soft line was mocked up on the frame rail, it was nearly touching the header, big no no.

The lines itself were being custom bent, I opted to mount the lines on the other side to move it away from the header and closer towards the transmission.  It still looks close, but it's a big improvement.  Also still have more room to move it away from the header.

A tool I seldom used, but paid alot on the Snap On truck.  Tube flaring kit.  It still looks brand new, even though I bought it in the 90's.

One thing I noticed, is that ol' red still has spiders crawling all over it, and attracts it's natural predators.  This little guy was circling the car, watching me work.  I guess waiting for me to leave so he can go feed.

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