Wednesday, February 20, 2013

A/C redux

When I first got the grey goose, one of the many things i enjoyed was a working air conditioning system.  Eventually it broke down and needed to fix.  Since R12 is not readily available and quite expensive, thanks tree huggers, conversion to R134a was the only available option.  But after a couple summers of getting marginal results, it needed to change.  Due to the system being 25 years old and not up to the task of the latest freon.  Anyone who tells you R134a in their corolla blows ice cold is smoking crack or lives in the land of Palin.  I could try and ghetto rig a larger condenser, to work around R134a's shortcomings, but i've decided to try a hydrocarbon based type of gas which is questionable, but it works better than what is in there currently.  Will update shortly with a review, unless I blow up.
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