Wednesday, August 24, 2011

The Reunion 2012

Way back when I was a very enthusiastic outdoors kind of person.  From going on 2 week expeditions in the backwoods while carrying every I required on my back, to climbing the highest peak in the continental United States (Mt. Whitney). But also being a gearhead, it's rare to mix both.  But when traveling to Mazda Laguna Seca Raceway in Monterey, California for the Monterey Motorsports Reunion; formerly Monterey Historics, I can actually do both.

On the way up, I spotted what looked like Honda Pilot, carrying a missle of some sort.  Very strange.

Though not as hardcore like before, it's still camping.  There's still wild animals and ferocious ants lurking about.  The tall brush made for ticks which was fun.  So we needed to move the tent later.  Didn't want to find out first hand about lyme disease.  But I hear it's a nasty.

But the smell of race gas and the sound of high strung 10 cyl. Formula 1 engines that make this camp trip so much more interesting.

Since we had to fit in with all these rich people.  Cheese and crackers were in order.  No wine cause were on a budget.  BTW as weird as the cheese looks, it's delicious.

But keeping with our simple roots, we couldn't deny the fiesta bean dip.  It never disappoints.

Lately, I have been having a craving for Porsche.  There was no shortage of that at the reunion.  But what should I get?

 The classic Carrera RS.  Not matter how you look at it the car, it's never boring.

Or the more refined GT3 RS.  With either one, you know it'll be seeing some action at the track.  But I know in the end it'll break my already broken wallet.

Here are two cars I never would have not expected here.

 An old Nissan IMSA GTP race car.  If you may remember these cars dominated the GT prototypes in the 90's IMSA series.  Very cool to see.

Here's another Nissan prototype race car.  I don't have any info on it, and I don't recall seeing it in any racing series here in America.  Maybe the 24 hours of Daytona?

Here was one of it's sponsors Ueshima Coffee Co.  The team must have been wired with coffee at every race back then.

Another beautiful site was the amount of wonderfully constructed headers on some of the cars.

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Jonny Mac said...

So awesome! I wish I coulda made it up with you guys! Next year, I hope. I've been craving Porsche too! We should get a few and take them to RWB USA!