Tuesday, June 14, 2011

RWD Meet

I don't know who may even remember this meet, since it was small.  A few years back, it was all about Honda, drag racing, and shows.  A small number of rwd enthusiasts decided to make a meet dedicated to import rwd cars.  It was mainly Toyotas with a sprinkle of Nissan.  I found a couple pics I took at the event.

 This was Non Fujita's car.  Back then, obtaining japanese parts was very difficult.  But him being very Japanese helps.  Last I was this car, it was sitting outside the corner of a shop collecting dirt.  So sad to see a clean show car end up in that sad state.

Lots of cars but I took only few pics and mainly of Corollas.  Some of you may recognize, but I wonder what happen to them.  Since I rarely see them anymore.

 Brian U. 87 kouki coupe, a nice rare black example.  He ran a motorcycle from a Yamaha R1 motorcycle.  Though it didn't make it any faster.  Car was even fully optioned power accessories.  I was very jealous since full power option cars were rare.  I believe he sold this car and moved into a Supra.

MMM hoshino, though the offset kind sucks.

 I think this is Yoshie S. 85 coupe.  The color is not so rare.  She is a champion autox driver and can whip many on the road course.  I think she still has this car.

Now a days its all about Nissan, drifting, and shows.  At least somethings haven't changed.
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