Monday, January 24, 2011

AE86 Tech #86-20: Back up brake switch


Sometime back while working on my non boosted brake system.  I had an unfortunate mishap of breaking the switch that controls the brake lights.  Being that I was going to the track the following day, and in order to pass tech, working brake lights is a must.  I needed a quick fix.

Since I had disabled the clutch switch from a way earlier tech post, I checked to see if that was possible to use.

Brake switch (broken) clutch switch upper left

Comparing the 2 switches, the only thing really different is the rear plug.  The brake switch is one complete piece, while the clutch is wired with a plug.  Note the plugs on the body harness is different so you'll need to modify it to work with the clutch switch.  I just scrounged through my box of electrical junk and redid the plug. 

Never bothered going to the yard to get the correct switch since the clutch switch is still working like a champ.
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TroyT said...

Backyard engineering at it's finest, I love it!