Sunday, March 14, 2010

Making more tools

When I first installed a limited slip into my car, it required special tool which I didn't want to buy. There are times when you don't wanna cough cash for a tool you think you'll only use once or twice. Though I could have gone and used needle nose pliers. But I love my Snap On tools that much not to use them in that manner.

Hence I made this tool. To set back lash on the adjusting rings. Which is a requirement for Toyota differentials.

I even tried using it to tighten down the crush sleeve. And if you know the torque required for that, then you know it's futile. I ended up making another bar that's as long as a breaker bar to handle that job.

Even after a few years and a bunch more diffs later I still use it. Now it's like why bother getting the special tool when this one works so well.

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