Wednesday, December 30, 2009

The year in review

With 2010 looming around the corner, I look back at the things done in 2009.

I was pondering what my next step should be for the ol' Corolla. Should I fix it or just scrap it and start again. Since my lazy ass knew I didn't want to build another car, I did end up getting it fixed.

It still wears some battle scars. Just to remind me walls are bad. I did participate in a couple of open sessions to shake down the car and just to see how the car drives. Since the crash I haven't had any seat time. It felt good to drive the car after being down for a few months (both car and driver), but it didn't handle the way i liked since i got it fixed.

But I guess that was a sign of pretty much the whole year, the car has been plagued with issues. Either never running right or not even running at all. Since motivation was at an all time low, never made much effort in fixing.

It got so bad I had to borrow a Nissan. But when driving is your drug, you'll use anything. It's so good to drive.

But at the final event I participated for the year. I finally won one for the gipper. I also broke a tranny that day too. Gotta take the good with the bad I guess.

This year was also my milestone with my first Corolla. At 10 years of ownership it's still running strong. It's definitely been through alot and created alot of history on it's own. What a trip it has been. What other owner can say that.

Now let's look forward towards 2010.

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