Monday, December 31, 2007

24 Hours of Lemons

Racing on the cheap? Yes it's very possible. 24 Hours of LeMons gives the arm chair racer and his buddies a chance to become a full fledged race team.

And yes me and a bunch of friends participated with this fine piece of Toyota engineering:

1988 Toyota MR2

This is actually the second time the team aka Drift RWD Sport/ Team Forced Arousal is participating in this event, since the car survived the first time let's see how it'll do the second time.

Day 1:

Early morning track prep

I don't know why they're smiling.

Super cool XXR wheels shod with a nice set of new Dunlops, I forget the model but it's a new one. It's the prettiest thing on the car, and everyone in the pits and everyone knows it.

Interview with our first driver.

Looking for the drift button

Battling for position go Geoff!

First driver change and fuel stop

Alex P giving Mark a lift to the car for another driver change

Day 2:

Passing the Car and Driver Mazda RX7 at turn 3

Multi tasking: Steve replacing front spindle assembly and smoking with about an 1-1/2 hours left in the race. He ain't stressin'

Alex p blazing through the second chicane, posting a best time for the team of 1:14:9.

He just loves MR2s

After14 hours of racing, weather changes, and penalties. The team walked away with a 15th place finish. Not bad in a field of 70+ cars.

So it was decided the power plant needed to be retired so we let him out.

So what's next? Who knows, but i think third time is the magic number.

Special Thanks:

Drift Association without the big 87, we would never be able to know where our car was

Dunlop for such awesome tires

XXR wheels for providing the pretties wheels that paddock area has ever seen

SR Motorcars turning out 116 RWHP

BattleVersion for the alignment

T3 for suspension bits

Of course none of this would be possible without the team: Steve C., Steve R., Matt , Alex P., Mark, Noemi, Geoff, Wes, and Me the window washer

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